From the recording Uptown

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It Must Be Love

I've been getting this funny feeling, ever since the first time we met
Now my head starts spinning, cart wheeling, and I haven't found a cure for it yet
I was going into a state of confusion, now I'm coming right straight to the conclusion
It must be love

My friends wonder what's the issue with me, they all say something has changed
And that I'm not at all who I used to be, I'm always happy and they think that it's strange
I guess they've never felt this sensation, and there's only one good explanation
It must be love

Please don't run away, sit and listen to what I have to say
I see something in your eyes that tells me I'm connected to you
I've got a feeling that you're feeling the same feeling I'm feeling too

I find I'm walking around like I'm floating, and my head's way up in the clouds
Sometimes I'm talking to myself, emoting, or just humming a tune too loud
I know it sounds a lot like insanity, but it's not so what else can it be
It must be love