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New Hampshire-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Hostagehas a wealth of talent, among the rare artists who can croon as coolly as Frank Sinatra while dropping a funk riff that could smoke the dance floor. His latest album, Uptown, is an homage to his undying affection for jazz and blues icons like Ray Charles and Nina Simone.  

Q: You just released a new album, Uptown. How would you describe it?  

A: I describe it as “jazzy blues, or bluesy jazz.” I think of it as a collection of songs, with a mid-20th century sensibility in songwriting approach and arranging. I tell people, half jokingly, that I'm firmly stuck in the last century.  

Q: In terms of musical style, how would you categorize yourself?  

A: I call it jazz/blues. If there's a better name, I'd be happy to use it! 

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Uptown Review - Jazz CornerPeter Hostage's Uptown is a lively and bold jazz-blues fusion record.

The first song on the album, "It Ain't What It Ain't," instantly imbues the listener with Hostage's signature groove. The unfazed and nonchalant refrain of "I am what I am/I ain't what I ain't" in this track has a pleasing, catchy, and lighthearted vibe that is really memorable. It is overflowing with flirtatious humor and a blend of vitality that is infectiously cheerful and entertaining.

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Uptown Review - No Depression - The Journal of Roots Music

Peter Hostage is a jazz artist with a classy, contemporary sound. His latest release, Uptown, is a thought-provoking album that blurs the line between genres as diverse as jazz and blues.

Uptown, featuring original compositions entirely written, performed and produced by Hostage himself, stands out as a remarkable example of his artistry. The smooth aesthetics of the production, the suave rhythm sections and the lush melodies lock in perfectly with one another, making for a very enjoyable and moody record.

Hostage unveils his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums on the songs featured within this poignant effort. Uptown stands as a powerful testament of how much a single person can accomplish with the right vision and creative inspiration. This is a must for all fans of rootsy blues and elegant jazz vibes.