BJ Magoon & Drivin’ Sideways @ Acton Jazz Cafe

I had the great pleasure of performing with BJ Magoon and Drivib’ Sideways at the Acton Jazz Cafe (in Acton, MA) last night (Sat. Nov. 17). This is the “new” Acton Jazz Cafe, at a new location. The Jazz Cafe is a strong supporter of live music, presenting two shows (different acts) most nights of the week! The opening act last night was Dave Burgess, a singer/guitarist who was accompanied on some songs by a percussionist (didn’t get his name, sorry!)

The Jazz cafe now offers a full menu, and from what I saw, the food looked quite good. It is in a better location than their old place, with more visibility. The place was packed with an appreciative crowd.

I played piano and organ with BJ’s band, and it was really great for me because the Cafe has a really nice grand piano and a Hammond organ and Leslie speaker. (an unusual treat!) We gave the crowd two and a half sets of roots, R&B, blues and funk, and they gave us a lot of love back! People were dancing from the start, gave us hearty applause and called us back for more at the end of the night.

The Acton Jazz Cafe is a special place, and is deffinitely worth a visit. Good vibes, food and of course, music.

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