New Album: Uptown

Uptown is the latest release (2018) from Jazz/Blues pianist/vocalist Peter Hostage. Twelve original compositions of jazz, blues; vocal and instrumental. Peter Hostage wrote, arranged, and performed all of the instruments, including piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. 

My New Album! Twelve original jazz and blues songs. Click image to Check it out!

My New Album! Twelve original jazz and blues songs. Click image to Check it out!

"Wake Up, Rise Up" - New Song by Peter Hostage

Here's a brand new song, and this one is different. It's not jazzy/bluesy. I wrote this song in response to the events of the first week of October. At first it was a rant about everything, but it soon boiled down to being a call to action about climate change. In my eyes, this is the single biggest threat to humanity and all life as we know it on Planet Earth. And – it isn't even in the top five of the issues people are concerned with! (Wha??) 

The song is written, performed and produced by me. 

Please share this song and video with anyone who will listen! 

Video includes clips by “cleanerxx:” “Chilling Earth Animation Series;” clips from NASA, and from Planet Earth Sunrise Series – all found on Youtube. 

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Review of Uptown:

From No Depression - The Journal of Roots Music - Jan. 24, 2018

Peter Hostage blurs line between blues and jazz on new album

 "Peter Hostage is a jazz artist with a classy, contemporary sound. His latest release, Uptown, is a thought-provoking album that blurs the line between genres as diverse as jazz and blues. 

Uptown, featuring original compositions entirely written, performed and produced by Hostage himself, stands out as a remarkable example of his artistry. The smooth aesthetics of the production, the suave rhythm sections and the lush melodies lock in perfectly with one another, making for a very enjoyable and moody record. 

Hostage unveils his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums on the songs featured within this poignant effort. Uptown stands as a powerful testament of how much a single person can accomplish with the right vision and creative inspiration. This is a must for all fans of rootsy blues and elegant jazz vibes."


New Video: "I'm Travelin' On"